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Jierra Beauty is an organic skincare brand based in London. It creates skincare formulations backed up by science but its main focus is self-care and wellness. Its mission is to make well-being a practiced priority by women everywhere. It’s doing this by making thoughtful products that engage the senses, creating calming moments. From unboxing to application, Jierra Beauty creates products that not only nourish the skin, but bring tranquility to the mind.

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Natural and organic skincare does not have to be bland. It doesn't have to lack excitement and innovation and it doesn't have to have an underwhelming and clinical feel.

At Jierra Beauty, we are firm believers in luxury and making organic skincare glamorous. If you want to indulge your skin without compromising on ingredients, now you can as we pride ourselves on the experience that we deliver with our products, thoughtfully created with your well-being in mind.


"After prolonged periods of stress and anxiety I really started to focus on my health holistically. This is how Jierra Beauty was birthed. There was already so much that was falling apart with my body, that I wanted to be as kind to it as possible. I felt that I was able to let go, relax and refocus when doing bathroom rituals like skincare routines and spa treatments. The act of stepping away from the noise, having alone time and looking after myself facilitated a sense of calm and peacefulness that everyone should have.

As someone who has struggled with skin issues and autoimmune disease, I've always been fascinated by health & wellness, especially when it comes to natural and organic ingredients. It only felt right to create a brand that embraced the resources we have from nature, whilst being backed up by science."

Danielle is a Certified Skincare Formulator and women's health and well-being enthusiast. She designs, develops and creates all of the luxury skincare formulations at Jierra Beauty.

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