Jierra Beauty is for women who want an indulgent and luxurious well-being experience with bath and skincare, without the harsh synthetic chemicals. Our well-being, emotions and self-esteem are not only affected by how we let others treat us, but by how we treat ourselves. It's about our thoughts, habits, and environment, but also what we put in and onto our bodies.

In a busy and sometimes chaotic world where we have no time for ourselves, whether you’re a career woman or a stay at home mum, we all need time to pamper ourselves and indulge for the sake of our well-being, and we shouldn’t be doing this with harsh irritants and ingredients. Our bathroom rituals give us the time we need for ourselves, to reflect, to relax, and invest in our hair and skin.

After prolonged periods of stress and anxiety I really started to focus on my health holistically. This is how Jierra Beauty was birthed. There was already so much that was falling apart with my body, that I wanted to be as kind to it as possible. I felt that I was able to let go, relax and refocus when doing bathroom rituals like skincare routines and spa treatments. I hope you can have that same experience too.

Lots of love,



Danielle is a women's health and well-being enthusiast, with 1st class honours in Management and Entrepreneurship and a diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation.