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At Jierra Beauty, we understand how in demand skincare products are and that subsequent consumption rates can produce a lot of waste that impacts the environment that we live in.

We are a new and small brand, so we cannot promise to be perfect. However we can promise you our absolute best in doing our part within the industry.

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We purposely look for the most eco-friendly packaging that we can afford and are able to source. For this reason, we are currently using miron glass for its high quality preservation properties, but also for its ability to be recycled or reused.





Our outer packaging is 75% recycled, with guaranteed non-toxic ink.  Our supplier also carbon captures their paper purchases, and plant trees based on the volume of paper they use to reduce their carbon footprint.

We are a luxury brand, which means that quality and presentation is everything, however we are mindful not to go overboard. We limit the use of plastic wherever we can and only use eco-friendly, biodegradable mailing labels and mailing packing, including our void fill.



We only use the most professional, ethical and sustainable places to source our ingredients. This means that our ingredients have been obtained fairly,and responsibly and to a high standard. Our ingredients are vegan and have not been tested on animals.


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