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A Guide to Skinimalism

Let’s talk about skinimalism. What is it and why are beauty lovers now gearing towards this trend?

Two women natural looking minimalist skin, staring into the camera

What is Skinimalism?

Skinimalism, otherwise known as skincare minimalism is essentially simplifying and stripping down one’s skincare routine and beauty regimen. This means cutting back on extra steps in a skincare routine and eliminating unnecessary and excess products. It’s the essence of ‘less is more’, revolutionising the way that we now approach skincare.

The benefits of Skinimalism

Why are people cutting back on their consumption of skin and beauty products?

There are three short answers; people want hassle-free skincare, they also don’t want to disrupt their skin, and sustainability is now of huge importance to many of us who want to eradicate waste.

When too many skincare products are used at once on the skin, they have the potential to irritate and inflame it, especially when it comes to using active ingredients. Your skin can only handle so much and that’s why it’s important to be careful about how many products you are using and how often.

You give your skin more of a chance to adjust and get used to ingredients if you use a limited amount of products at a time.

pipette for serum, minimalist skincare

How can I incorporate Skinimalism into my routine?

Focus on skincare that’s multi-purpose. Multi-tasking skincare is a game-changer because it allows you to shorten your skincare routine whilst still getting multiple benefits. This also means less waste of packaging and more money saved. For example, do you really need a day cream, night cream and an eye cream? What about one cream with an amazing formula that works for your skin all of the time?

Jierra Beauty's multi-purpose Skinimalist products

The Superior Complexion Antioxidant Serum

Vegan luxury skincare, serum in black bottle with pipette, organic and natural oil serum

Founder and Skincare Formulator Danielle Corbert specifically designed this product to be multi-purpose so that it can be used both day and night, just about anywhere on the body.

For daytime this serum is perfect for adding an extra barrier of protection to the skin to protect it from environmental pollution and UV exposure as antioxidants work extremely well with sunscreen.

For night time, it’s used as a nourishing and restorative treatment to maintain moisture levels and lustre to the skin, as well as rejuvenating its appearance to a plump, healthy and even look.

The powerful serum is also suitable for use all over the body, hair and works exceptionally well on cuticles too. Perfect for your simple skincare routine.

The Serene Green Clay Mask

Vegan, natural organic serene green mask, french clay, morrocan lava rhassoul clay luxury

This clay mask is a great multi-tasker as the natural botanical extracts help to gently exfoliate skin, while the clay acts as a cleanser.

Clay is useful for clearing out clogged and congested pores, absorbing excess oil and debris. The benefit of this mask in particular, is that the clay doesn’t strip your skin due to the hydrating and soothing extracts of coconut milk and colloidal oats, known to soothe irritated skin.

Other skin heroes include green tea, which is great for acne and redness and organic spirulina to brighten, tone the skin and calm inflammation.

Both of our products are infused with organic essential oils that aid in relaxation so that these products not only can be used practically on a day to day basis, but also as a special, at-home-spa experience to enhance your well-being.


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