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Autumn Skincare Routine

Turn on the rainy background music, light your candles and put on a bubble bath because autumn is officially here! With the change of season, it's only fair we switch up our skincare routines as well. Let's see what you can do after your bath, and why some of these steps simply fill our hearts with warmth and a cozy feeling.

Woman holding bath tray with skincare products

1. Cleanser

Autumn generally means less sweat and skin that tends to go drier instead of oilier - if you're in the northern hemisphere. That's why we recommend getting a gel or cream cleanser that adds a bit of moisture back into your skin instead of stripping it all away.

2. Moisturiser

If you were able to go through summer without one, now it's time to reach for your trusty moisturiser and add it back on the shelf. And, if you tend to have drier skin, we recommend getting a thick, creamy moisturiser instead of a gel one - it's better to prevent than to treat dry patches and eczema.

3. Serum

Autumn is also a good time to (re)introduce exfoliating products such as retinol into your routine. The more your sun exposure goes down, the safer it is for you to stimulate that fast cell turnover. However, bear in mind that UV rays aren't caught by clouds or untreated windows, so it's best to apply some SPF if you're doing this step of the routine in the AM.

We also think it's better to keep routines short and sweet rather than create a 10-step nuisance, so our Superior Complexion Antioxidant Serum combines an all-trans retinoic acid with vitamin C, for the best results in your skin's elasticity, tone and glow. What's more, we used organic Rosehip Seed and Baobab Seed oils for this, because you deserve a luxurious item to properly close your autumn routine.

The subtle scent of our all-natural ingredients is the perfect way to end your night - like a soft embrace, the serum glides over your skin and nourishes it with care. At Jierra Beauty, we believe the experience is just as important as the formula itself; so wrap yourself in a warm bathrobe and mix your favourite drink to enjoy as the sun sets. Luxury, at your fingertips:

4. Get a good night's sleep

There's nothing better than sleeping in on an autumn morning. The weather beckons you to stay in, while the temperature stays cool enough for a restful sleep past 9am. Your autumn routine should continue well into the night, through your careful choice of pillowcases. We encourage soft, natural fabrics like silk, so your skin can breathe, avoiding clogged pores.

woman laying in bed with afro

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