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Do facial oils work for oily skin?

Woman with glowing skin holding her face

The weather is starting to get a lot warmer here in London.

Summer is soon approaching, which means some of us will probably need to start switching up our skincare routine and products.

I do however want to let you know that our antioxidant serum is perfect throughout different seasons and works on all skin types.

I know that the thought of using an oil on your face if you already have oily skin is terrifying, however I would like to reassure you that not all oils are created equal. I say this as a qualified skincare formulator who just so happens to have oily skin.

First off, oily skin is not a bad thing, although I thought so in my mid to late teens. Your skin is meant to produce a natural oil called sebum. Sebum works to protect your skin naturally. Furthermore, people with oily skin tend to have thicker, more plump skin which gives a more youthful look (good to know!).

It’s also important to realise that sometimes oily skin is really just dehydrated skin. The more you starve your skin of oil and moisture, it sends a message to your skin to in fact overproduce sebum to compensate for what is constantly being stripped away.

What are the different kinds of oils?

Woman with moisturised glowing skin holding a serum pipette facial oil

Oils tend to absorb at different speeds; slow, medium or fast. There are oils that are sometimes referred to as ‘wet’ oils that take a bit longer to absorb into the skin and then there are ‘dry’ oils. They’re not literally dry but the point is that they sink into the skin beautifully, leaving it moisturised and nourished, without the slippery, greasy feel.

When I was developing the Superior Complexion Antioxidant Serum, the one thing I wasn’t willing to compromise on, was the feel of the serum and the fact that it could not be greasy! I had previously tested out other serums that simply sat on my skin for hours, barely penetrating my skin, which was no good for my skincare routine. As someone with oily skin, I wanted the perfect combination of dry oils that would deliver nutrients to the skin in a lightweight, almost silk-like texture. I am pleased to say that I managed to do just that!

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what some of our customers are saying:

“This product is incredibly good. I was recommended to give it a try and I fell in love with it. From the luxurious packaging 📦 to the product itself. Doesn't leave your face shiny ✨ like stars and it absorbs so well into the skin. I want 500ml please. Will definitely recommend and order more.” - Christelle

“This is an incredible product. At first I thought it would be too heavy on my skin, but it is perfect (oily enough for moisture without it being too heavy to clog pores - breakout free).” - Malissa

"It is absolutely incredible! Everything about it is outstanding! Literally 5 stars! [...] My skin literally feels like silk." - Clare

If you have any questions about your skin concerns or about our serum, please don’t be shy. Shoot over an email and we'll get back to you (

Also, first time customers - don’t forget about your welcome discount for 10% off your first order when you subscribe to our VIP list.


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