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How Your Environment Affects Your Skin

There are so many ways in which your surroundings interact with your skin. You may likely notice most negative changes showing up on your face, because its skin cells are much more sensitive to harsh environments. What are the top 3 things you should be wary of, and how can you care for your skin in an effective way?

Woman in the sun, black skin

1. The Sun

We're surely not the first people to vent about UV rays and sunburns. However, exposure to the sun without proper sunscreen can trigger many more reactions than that. And, if your skin is naturally sensitive, even one day spent in the sun can result in things like hyperpigmentation, new moles and wrinkles. Along with other effects of the sun, these fall under the umbrella-term of photo-aging.

While only about 60% of new moles appearing on adults' skin are triggered by UV rays, sun exposure is the #1 cause for hyperpigmentation. The darker spots appearing on your face are a result of your melanocytes (cells) producing too much melanin in relation to your skin's usual amount. While hyperpigmentation can be treated, solutions can be both time consuming and costly, so we recommend applying SPF instead.

2. Other Air Pollutants

Studies have shown a link between air pollutants (such as car exhaust, cigarette smoke and industrial fumes) and plenty of skin concerns: premature aging, an increase in dermatitis, cancer, to name a few. Your skin is prone to such issues because these air pollutants damage your skin's outer barrier and induce oxidative stress onto your epidermis, making it harder for new cells to properly form. What's more, dirt can get trapped within your pores and provoke acne breakouts or blackheads.

While the perfect solution would be avoiding heavily polluted areas, we reckon it's harder to say it than do so when you're living in a big city. So, the next best thing we can offer is our Superior Complexion Serum: rich in antioxidants, it will offer your skin the extra protection it needs to form a great barrier against external factors. We've used organic, ethically sourced oils to offer the best Mother Nature's got, and we made sure to enrich your experience on all fronts: from sustainable packaging and a lavish serum texture, right to a natural scent that will calm you after a long day. What's more to wish for?

You can grab your own sample bottle, or invest in longer term effects and protection through here:

Bedsheets, pillowcase

3. Your Own Pillowcase

All the hard work you're doing to protect your skin when going out can easily be undone by the texture or cleanliness of your bed sheets. Natural textiles are crucial if you're trying to maintain good skin - sheets like cotton, linen or even silk (if you're willing to splurge) will let your face breathe during the nighttime.

Synthetic fabrics like polyester, acrylic, nylon or rayon are not only treated with harsh chemicals, but they are also more prone to heating up from friction and making your skin sweat. Moreover, we really recommend washing your pillowcases and sleeping masks weekly, to reduce the risks of breakouts or irritation occurring. Trapping your face in sweat and dirt overnight is surely a no-go.


We hope you've learned something new today! If you'd like to keep up to date with our launches, skincare tips and surprise sales, give us a follow on Instagram at @jierrabeauty. We care about your skin!

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