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Skincare tips for a healthy, glowy complexion


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You may know the basics, but we're here to let you in on the little things that will take your skincare results from 10 to 100. Let's jump right into our top 5 tips for a healthy, glow-from-within complexion.

1. Keep your skin clean.

Skip the makeup when you don't really need it - covering up imperfections often makes them worse. For example, adding foundation over dry, flaky skin can irritate you further, and you may end up with a wider dry patch in the long run. Covering up pimples with concealer is also a gateway to adding all sorts of bacteria into your skin. Whenever these tiny concerns show up, we like to cleanse the skin with a calming emollient. If you struggle with acne or a type of dermatitis, reach out to your dermatologist for a personalised treatment you can follow in parallel with your usual routine.

2. Drink plenty of water

No matter how hard you're trying to fool yourself, coffee and smoothies won't offer your skin the hydration it needs. Experts suggest drinking a minimum of 2 litres (70 oz.) of water each day and we're here to remind you of it. So remember: the path to elastic, healthy skin starts from within!

Signs that you're not getting enough water can show up on your face through darker eye circles, flaky skin, wrinkles and an overall dull appearance. Meanwhile, a good water intake will help keep everything in check and promote all the heavy work you've been doing during your routines.

3. Exfoliate

While scrubs are the most obvious form of exfoliation, they can often be too harsh on your skin. We recommend applying a chemical exfoliator instead, since it penetrates the epidermis and works from the inside to facilitate faster cell turnover, for that glowy, new-skin look.

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4. Replenish

Give your skin a power boost by incorporating ingredients that nourish and work well together. Our in-house products are formulated with ingredients such as Rosehip Seed Oil (tightens the skin, reduces hyperpigmentation), Green Tea Oil (evens the tone of your skin) and Baobab Seed Oil (improves elasticity and helps fight eczema). Finding ingredients that work in harmony is a huge step towards improving your routine.


5. Don't over-do it!

Keeping your skin healthy is no small feat - it takes consistency, technique and a fair amount of effort. If you're a skincare fanatic, it probably also takes about 2 drawers of products. However, we believe in the simple, all-around results that one single bottle can offer.

This Antioxidant Serum moisturises, reduces blemishes, rejuvenates the face and gives you that effortless radiance you're looking for. Calming both you and your skin through its natural scent and high-quality essential oils, this serum is a must-have that will keep the need for a 10-step routine at bay. It's our favourite nighttime game changer!

Jierra Beauty oil-based serum


Did you enjoy these tips? Let us know how you're putting them into practice! You can find us on Instagram at @jierrabeauty, where we post even more skinspiring tips and well-being content.

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