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The Benefits of Skincare for your Mental Health

Ever hear the phrase ‘skincare is self-care’? Well there’s more meaning to that than you think.

One of the main reasons why Jierra Beauty was created was because our Founder saw first-hand the calming and therapeutic benefits that it had on her during times of stress. During Mental Health Awareness Week, we want to bring to you, all of the reasons why and how skincare can benefit you mentally.

1). Doing a skincare routine sends a positive message to yourself

Skincare is an act of self-love because it’s you intentionally taking the time out to look after yourself and nurture your body. Investing in beautiful products, lighting up a candle and doing a face mask and facial massage, or even just cleansing and moisturising is an act of kindness to yourself and sends the message “I am worthy” and “I deserve good things”. When we don’t look after ourselves, it really sends the message that we’re not worth the time.

2). Skincare provides you with a positive routine

We typically need structure in our lives to feel grounded and sane. When our daily routine falls out of sync and has no structure, this can affect our mood. Research has shown that not having a routine can impact your mental health, triggering low mood and depression.

black woman with short hair in the sunlight glowing skin

3). Skincare routines enhance your mood

Yes, that’s right. A good skincare routine does have the ability to make you feel better and lift your mood. We are firm believers that skincare can be therapeutic, so indulging in a quality product that has a sensuous feel and great smell can be soothing experience. The olfactory bulb (the part of our nose that detects smell) is directly connected to our brains, which is why a certain fragrance can change the way you feel, whether that be relaxed, revitalised and so on. One study found that activities such as facial massage, actually resulted in a reduction of anxiety, distress and negative moods, leaving subjects feeling refreshed.

4). A skincare routine can distract you from negative thoughts

If you’re experiencing worry and negative thoughts, practicing a skincare routine can take your mind off of them. When we are idol, our brains can steer more towards negative thinking patterns. However, something that you can look forward to and actively do can help to distract you from low mood and bring the focus to something more positive.

To sum it up

We know that skincare can’t solve all of our problems, but, it is a proven method to brighten up your day, add structure, routine, and boost your mental well-being. At Jierra Beauty, we believe that skincare should be therapeutic and functional. What that means is that you deserve skincare that actually contributes towards skin health, but also works to make you feel better, calm, relaxed and revived through texture and aromatherapy.


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