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Where to Use a Clay Mask in Your Skincare Routine

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

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So you’ve heard about clay masks and you’re hoping to give them a go. You learned of the benefits that clay masks have, which include; reducing acne inflammation, spots, absorbing excess oil from the skin, balancing sebum and removing dirt and bacteria from the skin and pores.

The question is though, how do you use a clay mask and where does it fit into your skincare routine? It’s pretty simple, let us break it down for you.

When should I use a clay mask?

Essentially it’s up to you when you would like to use a clay mask. We recommend using one when your skin is feeling clogged and congested. This may be a day where you’ve worn lots of makeup and/or sunscreen and you’re looking to remove any traces of debris from your pores. Aside from this, you can simply use a clay mask at the end of a long day to unwind and have an at-home-spa experience before you apply your other treatments.

Top tip – Use our Serene Green Clay Mask on clean skin before applying makeup to get your skin extra smooth, allowing for a better application and for your makeup products to sit nicely on your skin.

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How often should I use a clay mask?

The answer will depend on your skin type and skin tolerance. It will also depend on the type of clay mask you are using. If the formulation feels very stripping and leaves your skin feeling tight or's probably best not to use it very often, if at all. If it is a gentle clay formulation, you can start from around 2 times per week. For skin less prone to irritation, you could even try 3 times a week! Your skin will tell you whether it is happy or sad. If it feels irritated or inflamed, stop. If it looks healthy and feels good, you can probably continue usage. As clay masks work as exfoliants, 2-3 times per week is optimum so that your skin has a chance to recover in between uses.

Where in my skincare routine should I use a clay mask?

Clay masks firstly work as cleansers, they pull and absorb bacteria, dirt and excess oil from the skin as trapped debris can affect the appearance of your skin and can also effect the performance of the products you apply afterwards because they won’t be able to penetrate as much. Clay masks also serve as skin treatments in that, depending on what is included in the formulation, active ingredients can work to brighten, tighten, even and nourish the skin. That being said, we recommend using a clay mask for a double cleanse or triple cleanse. After using a cleansing oil or balm, and then using something like a creamy cleanser, you can then go in with your clay mask so that it can remove any remaining remnants of the day.

When should I remove my clay mask?

Rinse off your clay mask as soon as you see it begin to dry. That means, when you see lighter patches form and dry out, rinse off your mask before it completely dries, becomes cracked and flaky. Your mask would have had enough time to work its magic by this stage.

Can I use clay masks if I have dry skin?

Dry skin can still benefit from clay masks. Dry skin still requires treatments and exfoliation. Our only suggestion is to use gentle, nourishing and hydrating formulas. Our Serene Green Clay Mask has been carefully made with key ingredients such as coconut milk, cucumber and green tea, to keep skin happy and healthy. This is a clay mask that will not dry out your skin but leave it feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Serene Green Clay Mask, organic and natural skincare


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