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Why Algae Could be the Answer to Your Skincare Problems

Women washing her face and doing skincare at a sink basin

Algae are some of the hot new skincare ingredients in recent years, and it’s all for a good reason. Let’s dive into why this revolutionary ingredient can do wonders for your skin.

What are algae?

Algae (singular – alga) are plants/organisms that grow in and around water. Just think of seaweed to grasp the definition. There are an estimated 30,000 species of algae. Only a handful of these species are currently used in skincare for their benefits. These algae can range in colour from red, brown, blue and green. The algae that is used in cosmetics is typically divided into two groups, macro algae and micro algae.

If you’re looking for impressive skincare results without sensitivity and irritation, then algae might be the answer.

Red brown seaweed, algae under water

Skincare benefits of algae

Algae contains high amounts of nutrition and bio-active compounds that can improve the health of your skin. This powerhouse contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids, proteins, lipids and more that can help your skin to flourish.

Algae keeps you looking youthful

We don’t age-shame around here, however we are advocates for aging well! The vitamins found in algae can help with collagen production, the protein that works as building blocks for the skin to keep it firm, plump and to avoid sagging.

Algae is also effective in protecting the skin from environmental pollution and sun damage (please, do not use in place of sunscreen though, thank you), boasting of high antioxidant levels. Some particular species of algae, such as astaxanthin, are said to be 6,000 times stronger than one of the most popular skincare ingredients, vitamin C.

Algae helps with clearer skin

This wonder working sea-botanical is known to help brighten the skin and reduce the activity of melanocytes, decreasing hyperpigmentation.

Algae keeps skin hydrated

If you struggle with dry or dehydrated skin, algae could potentially alleviate that condition. Algae works as a humectant which draws moisture to the skin, helping to retain hydration.

All in all, algae is a great alternative for those who have sensitivities to harsher ingredients such as acids and other actives. Algae has the potential to deliver great results without sensitising the skin.

Algae in Jierra Beauty skincare products

You can find organic spirulina, an ancient algae in our Serene Green Clay Mask. It’s believed to have existed for billions of years and is known as one of the most nutritional superfoods found on the planet.

Jierra Beauty Serene Green Clay Mask with algae, spirulina, natural, organic, vegan

Its rich omega 6 content is brilliant for calming inflammation and common skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema while detoxing congested skin. Spirulina, along with other types of algae, is beneficial for nourishing and strengthening the skin barrier for healthier skin.

Spirulina is also a highly sustainable skincare ingredient due to its production process and it's also a zero waste product as the whole of the plant is able to be used for cosmetics and nothing is thrown away.


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