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Everything you Need to Know about Clay Masks

Woman with clay mask, smiling.

Clays have to be one of nature’s oldest beauty secrets. Existing for centuries, clay has been used around the world for hair rituals, skincare regimens and makeup enhancements. Here’s everything you need to know about clay masks.

What Do Clay Masks Do?

Clay is made up of minerals that come from soil and rocks.

A clay mask is essentially a type of cleanser and it works to remove unwanted dirt and impurities from the pores of the skin. Clay masks also offer exfoliation to the skin due to their small particles and are great for balancing excess oil production.

How Do Clay Masks Work?

There are many different kinds of clays that are formed throughout the world in different countries. What this means is that clays often have different properties and no two are the same.

In terms of how clay removes impurities from the skin, there are two different ways in which this happens, depending on what clay you decide to use. Absorbent clays will quite literally absorb the build up from within the pores and draw them out. The pros of using clays like this is that they can gently remove bacteria from the skin and exfoliate the skin without causing irritation.

On the other hand, rather than ‘soaking’ up impurities, an adsorbent clay offers an adhesion technique, where dirt and secretions are drawn to the surface of the clay’s particles.

Why are Clay Masks Good?

Clay has several benefits for numerous skin concerns. Clay masks can be a suitable alternative for sensitive skin where foaming cleansers can be too harsh and stripping. Clay masks are also way more gentle than typical exfoliators that cause a lot of friction on the skin.

A frequently asked question is ‘can clay masks shrink pores?’. Although clay doesn’t physically shrink pores, clay can still cause pores to appear smaller due to its powerful cleansing properties that remove dirt and debris from deep within the skin. This is because congested pores can appear bigger. Once they are properly cleaned, they will appear smaller in size.

Serene Green Clay Mask on woman's face

When Should You Use a Clay Mask?

You can use a clay mask whenever you want, however you may feel more refreshed when using a clay mask in your nighttime skincare routine. As clay is such a powerful, yet gentle cleanser, you may benefit more from using it at the end of a long day, especially during summer to remove sunscreen, make-up and secretions. You don’t need to use a clay mask more than 2-3 times a week, depending on which type of clay you are using.

What Clay Mask is Best?

You may be wondering if clay will be suitable for your skin in particular. A lot of people want to know which clay mask is best for oily skin or how to use a clay mask for dry skin. There’s no simple answer here as the answer will always come down to what kind of clay mask you’re using, the ingredients in the mask, and how you care for your skin in general. This is why a skincare routine is so important.

Jierra Beauty’s Serene Green Clay Mask is intentionally created to cater to both oily, dry, normal and combination skin. Filled with minerals, this clay mask mainly consists of luxurious Moroccan rhassoul clay, alongside French green clay. The two ingredients are ultra fine and gentle on the skin, as to not irritate it. The clays featured are still able to skillfully draw out build-up from the skin, which means that if your skin is very oily, this mask will help to balance that. The other exciting part about this mask is that it features beautiful, natural, botanical extracts that work to rehydrate and even soothe dry and stressed out skin. These wondrous ingredients include; oats, coconut milk and organic spirulina. All perfect for dry and irritated skin. The mask also includes green tea, which has been proven time and time again to have positive effects on acne prone skin.

Clay masks are a great way to refresh and nourish your skin in a gentle way. Using a clay mask is also a fantastic way to encourage well-being and relaxation because of its spa-like experience.

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