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The Ultimate Morning Winter Skincare Routine

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

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Winter has arrived and we are totally here for it. The weather is chilled and so are the vibes when we’re snuggled up watching our favourite movies or spending time with loved ones. Spirits are high and things start to feel really Christmassy.

Everything is well and good, apart from your skin maybe?

Although we love the season, there’s no denying that it can affect our skin health and make us feel miserable, affecting our self-esteem.

The humidity and quality of the air changes during the colder months, making the atmosphere more harsh and drying.

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered on how to protect, hydrate and moisturise your skin during the winter.

Your Four Step Winter Skincare Routine: AM

1). Cleanse

Cleansing is one of the fundamentals for healthy skin.


Because if your pores are clogged and your skin is dirty, your lovely products will go to waste, as they won’t be able to effectively penetrate your skin in depth, hindering any active ingredients.

You want to start by washing your face each morning. This can sound a little scary for those with extra dry skin, but cleansing is not your enemy. All you need to do is make sure that you’re using the right kind of cleanser that won’t drain your skin of its natural sebum.

Gel, cream and oil based cleansers are a great way of keeping your skin hydrated and happy. Some people do find that foaming cleansers are a bit drying, but it really depends on what the ingredients are in the formula.

Whatever you do, please do not use bar soap on your face! It will make your skin extremely dry and tight!

Black woman skincare spa products natural organic face serum

2). Tone and Mist

Toners are great for removing excess dirt from the skin and exfoliating toners will help to remove dead skin and improve your skin’s texture. Some acid toners in particular, like the ones that contain hyaluronic acid can be very hydrating for your skin.

Depending on the kind of face wash you have used and how diligently you have cleansed your skin, toning can be optional and isn’t always needed in the morning.

The next part is crucial. Hydrating the skin.

Facial mists are a great way to wake up your skin and instantly restores its moisture levels. This also allows for better product penetration of the next step in your routine. The thing to remember is that water hydrates and emollients such as creams and oils moisturise. In other words, oils and creams can only lock in hydration that the skin already has.

3). Moisturise

Here is the part where you give your skin barrier a helping hand by applying protective layers of product onto your skin so that it can take on colder climates with ease.

Apply a day cream around your eye area (use a small amount). Do this using your ring finger which is very delicate, making sure not to drag or pull at your skin.

Next, you’d want to go in with a serum or facial oil. It’s worth investing in a high-quality, high-performance serum so that your skin is well-nourished and can achieve the results that you require. A good serum may contain active ingredients that target your specific skin concerns, as well as nutritious superfood ingredients that will feed your skin and keep it healthy.

Our Superior Complexion Antioxidant Serum contains potent levels of antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, D, E and more, to protect your skin from harsh environments. Our formula also uses ingredients that are regenerative to the skin cells, encouraging cell turnover and healing to the skin.

Once you have applied a serum to your face, it is up to you if you would then like to go on to a moisturiser. If you’ve used an oil based product for the previous step, you may not feel the need for a lot of moisturiser.

4). Sunscreen

In order to make sure your previous steps do not go to waste, you want to always make sure that you are applying an SPF of at least 30 to your face, neck and ears if they’re out on show. SPF will help protect you from UV rays that are still very much present even in winter and help slow down any premature aging. If you think you do not need sunscreen because you have darker skin, we have news for you, check out our previous blog on this topic.

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